Upcycling Jewelry is an Economical and Sustainable Alternative

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Expert on the Subject Explains How the Market Can Help with Less Environmental Impact

The concept of upcycling in Brazil is growing, but so are the rates of wasted waste. According to data released by Agência Brasil in 2022, of the total 27.7 million tons of recyclable waste generated annually in the country, less than 4% undergo recycling, according to Abrelpe (Brazilian Association of Public Cleaning and Special Waste Companies).

According to Mercia Dias, founder of Merciaa Alta Joalheria, a company operating in the luxury market since 2008, these numbers highlight the urgency and relevance of sustainable initiatives aimed at reinventing and reusing discarded materials. ‘It’s a smart way to help reduce environmental impact and promote a more sustainable economy,’ she adds. She also emphasizes that her brand accepts used pieces as part of payment for new jewelry, promoting not only environmental sustainability but also bringing an innovative approach to the conscious consumer.

‘Gold is more than a precious metal; it’s a connection to our history, tradition, and environmental responsibility,’ she states. The expert further stresses that by promoting upcycling, there is a transformation of old jewelry and the way creators and consumers view production and consumption in the luxury sector.

The jewelry upcycling process involves transforming the original piece into raw material for new goods, preserving its quality and intrinsic value. ‘We believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story,’ Mercia highlights. However, it is important to emphasize the need to take good care of the pieces so that they hold good value at the time of exchange.

For this, it is necessary to avoid wearing them during activities that may cause impact, as well as in environments such as swimming pools or the sea, preventing damage caused by water. ‘To properly store your jewelry, avoid friction with other pieces or objects that may damage them and always store them in the same place when not in use. Additionally, to maintain the shine, it is recommended to renew the polish periodically,’ she advises. Regarding cleaning, it is essential to sanitize them regularly. These basic care tips will help keep the products in great condition for a long time.