From Mining to Luxury: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Mercia Dias

The founder of Merciaa Alta Joalheria aims to establish not just a brand that conquers the market but also to leave a trail of joy in the story of those who connect with her pieces.

Wrapped in a competitive market, marked by demands for quality, creativity, and innovation, entering the jewelry universe might seem daunting. However, venturing with a deep identification in a particular area is the key to unlocking unique potential.

This connection between personal identity and entrepreneurship can drive individuals like Mercia Dias, a Brazilian businesswoman whose journey in the jewelry industry highlights not only the complexities but also the unique advantages of following an entrepreneurial passion.

The daughter of a prospector, the founder of Merciaa Alta Joalheria, a company that has been in the luxury market since 2008, found in metals and precious stones not just a family past but a passion that would shape her future. “I dove into the world of jewelry from childhood. By adolescence, I began selling pieces to friends and family, cultivating a love for the art and the beauty of precious materials,” she reports.

Despite having a degree in Law, the businesswoman always saw this field as a backup plan. “My true calling was for the universe of jewelry. The decisive moment came on a Sunday morning in Paris, while enjoying a coffee. It was then that I decided to return to Brazil to create my own brand, adopting the iconic Eiffel Tower as the emblem of the venture, symbolizing the connection between my international journey and my roots,” she points out.

Before establishing herself as a jewelry designer and manufacturer, Mercia ventured into various other areas. However, her goal was to create something enduring and meaningful, like the gold, silver, diamonds, and emeralds that fascinated her so much. “Thus, I brought my brand to life, seeking to be synonymous with something enduring and that transcends generations,” she declares.

The products feature a handmade concept, where each piece is meticulously crafted to order for each client. “The idea is to offer something exclusive, unique, and memorable, that endures and becomes part of the life story of those who acquire it,” reveals the expert.

For Mercia, passion is the driving force that shapes each person. “My passion has made me fully find myself in an area that provides me with identification and purpose. The goal of Merciaa Alta Joalheria is to establish a brand that not only conquers the market but also leaves a trail of joy in the hearts and stories of those who connect with these creations,” she concludes.