Cultural Influences Transform Jewelry Pieces into True Works of Art

Silver-colored Ring on Persons Hand

Expert explains how global diversity can bring important elements to luxury craftsmanship.


Drawing inspiration from a tapestry of cultural, historical, and artistic influences, Merciaa High Jewelry has been elevating standards in the luxury market with its jewelry creations since 2008. Each collection is a celebration of the diversity and richness found at the intersection of cultures around the world. From the meticulous filigree patterns of the Middle East to the vibrant gemstones extracted from Brazilian soil, each piece is a testament to the splendor of cultural diversity.

According to Mercia Dias, founder of Merciaa High Jewelry, the company, which operates in the luxury market, incorporates historical and artistic elements into each piece, transforming them from mere adornments into pieces of history and art. “Whether reimagining the grandeur of Renaissance figures or capturing the minimalist essence of modern art, we strive to create jewelry that is simultaneously classic and contemporary,” she explains. The use of advanced technology and sustainable materials, such as recycled gold, also highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

“At Merciaa, we believe that each piece of jewelry should tell a story and resonate with the spirit of the times,” she states. The expert emphasizes that their design seeks to follow trends but in a personalized way, creating a synergy between elegance, history, and innovation. “We believe that each piece reflects the soul of the wearer and the art of the creator,” she notes.

In general, fashion, reflecting traditions, values, and cultural origins, serves as a mirror of both collective and personal identity. Garments and accessories, like jewelry, communicate who we are and where we come from through patterns, colors, cuts, and designs that convey messages about ethnic identity, social status, aesthetic preferences, and moral values.

This deep relationship between culture and fashion is especially evident in jewelry, where every detail, from the choice of material to the final design, carries a specific cultural story. In the Brazilian context, for example, the influence of indigenous and Afro-Brazilian elements is evident in the use of strong colors and unique patterns that stand out on the international fashion scene.

With a forward-looking perspective, the brand promises to continue surprising and delighting its customers with pieces that are true modern treasures, conceived with a unique vision that celebrates both the richness of the past and the possibilities of the future.