Mercias Dias

Who is Mercia Dias, who went from the mines to luxury?

Mercia Dias, founder of Merciaa Fine Jewelry, began her journey in an environment imbued with the pursuit and fascination for metals and precious stones. As the daughter of a prospector, she not only inherited a family history connected to the natural riches of the earth but also developed a deep passion that would shape her professional path.

From childhood, the entrepreneur was involved in the world of jewelry, starting her first sales as a teenager. She sold pieces to friends and family, nurturing a growing love for the art and beauty of precious materials. Despite her degree in Law, jewelry always held a special place in her heart.

A decisive moment occurred one quiet morning in Paris while enjoying a coffee. There, Mercia felt an irresistible call to return to Brazil and establish her own brand. Choosing the Eiffel Tower as the emblem of her company was no coincidence; it symbolizes the elegant fusion of her international experiences with her Brazilian roots.

Before establishing herself as a renowned designer, she ventured into various enterprises, but always with a clear goal in mind: to create something lasting and meaningful, reflecting the permanence and value of the metals and gems that so fascinated her. It was her passion that guided her to find her true place in a world where each creation is not just a product, but a piece of a broader story.