High Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry is a work of art, meticulously designed and handcrafted, intended for those who wish to shine through unique pieces. The perfect selection to enhance your most memorable occasions

Made in Brazil, since 2008

Our journey begins with the careful selection of gemstones directly from their extraction sites. We pay special attention to the design of each piece, ensuring the exclusivity that only the skill of specialized artisans can offer. In our atelier, established in 2008, we cultivate the tradition of Brazilian luxury in jewelry. Each creation encapsulates the magic of a moment transformed into reality.

Silver-colored Ring on Persons Hand

Cultural Influences Transform Jewelry Pieces into True Works of Art

Expert explains how global diversity can bring important elements to luxury craftsmanship.   Drawing inspiration from a tapestry of cultural, historical, and artistic influences, Merciaa ...
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a necklace with pearls and a gold clasp

Jewelry: The Pinnacle of Sophistication at Luxury Events

By Mercia Dias The Met Gala, often dubbed the “Oscars of Fashion,” stands as one of the most prestigious events in the high society and ...
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Jewelry can now be created with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Understand How to Maintain the Identity of Jewelry Amid Technological Advances The global market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow, with an estimated annual ...
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