Especialist Explains the Jewelry That Best Matches Each Mother’s Style

From the Adventurous to the Shy, Each Woman Has Her Personality and Deserves a Piece That Matches

Despite the saying that ‘all mothers are alike, only their addresses change,’ each of these women has her own style and identity. With this in mind, Merciaa Fine Jewelry brings a series of tips for gifting each type of mother this May 5th.

According to Mercia Dias, founder of Merciaa Fine Jewelry, a company that has been in the luxury market since 2008, whether classic or modern, it’s important to gift an appropriate accessory that gives the feeling that it was tailor-made. ‘To help you in this mission of choosing a treat for the style of each mother, we have prepared a very special selection with specific characteristics that best match the personality of each woman,’ she says.

  • Classic Mother: Values timeless elegance. Choose pieces with simple and traditional lines, such as gold jewelry with pearls or discreet diamonds.
  • Modern Mother: Up to date with trends and bold in style. Prefer accessories with a contemporary design, vivid colors, or bold geometric shapes.
  • Romantic Mother: Loves delicate and feminine details. Opt for jewelry with touches of precious stones in soft tones, floral designs, or hearts.
  • inimalist Mother: Passionate about simplicity and sophistication. Choose clean and minimalist design pieces that combine ease and elegance, like straight lines.
  • dventurous Mother: Prefers pieces that reflect her free spirit and passion for adventure. Choose designs inspired by nature, with colorful stones.
  • Glamorous Mother: Never goes unnoticed and loves to shine. Jewelry with large, bright stones or extravagant designs are ideal for her.
  • Sporty Mother: Prefers jewelry that can keep up with her active lifestyle, like flexible bracelets or gold necklaces.
  • Boho Mother: Enchanted by jewelry that displays a bohemian style, with ethnic elements, natural stones, and intricate designs.
  • Nature-Loving Mother: Chooses pieces that reflect her love for the environment, with jewelry made from upcycling or featuring flora and fauna themes.
  • Practical Mother: Practical mothers prefer jewelry that combines ease and functionality without sacrificing style. Opt for versatile pieces that can be worn on various occasions, like simple hoop earrings, elegant watch bracelets, or robust chain necklaces.
  • Shy Mother: For more reserved mothers, the ideal jewelry is one that speaks softly but meaningfully. Delicate and minimalist pieces, like a small pendant necklace, stud earrings, or thin rings, are perfect as they complement the look without dominating it.
  • Extroverted Mother: Extroverted mothers love to attract attention and express their personality through their jewelry. Those with colorful stones, large designs, and bold shapes are ideal. Don’t be afraid to choose pieces that mix textures or vibrant colors.
  • Discreet Mother: For those who prefer to maintain a low profile but still want to add a touch of elegance to their style, discreet jewelry is the right choice. Classic pieces like a pair of pearl earrings, a solitary necklace, or a subtly designed watch are perfect as they offer a delicate shine.

‘If you’re still unsure about your mother’s style, our team will be ready to help you choose the perfect gift,’ Mercia concludes. She also emphasizes that ‘less is more,’ almost always. ‘In case of doubt in combinations, avoid excesses, which are often sources of mistakes,’ she says.

The golden tip from the expert for matching jewelry and outfits is to opt for pieces that the person already knows well and in which they feel comfortable, as it is essential to feel good in what you wear. Another important aspect is also not to be limited by age, highlighting that the choice to be or not appropriate for a piece of jewelry is up to the wearer.”